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Dry Ice in Ventura, CA

Dry ice* (or card ice) is the frozen form of carbon dioxide. Carbon dioxide is normally a gas at room temperature and to exist in its solid form it must be at cooled to a temperature of -109°F/-79°C. Compared to ice made of water, which freezes at 32°F/0°C, dry ice is much colder and can be used for flash freezing or in situations where subzero temperatures are needed.

Since carbon dioxide is typically in gaseous form, when dry ice melts it goes through a process of "sublimation", where it gets converted directly from a solid state to a gas. This results in the "fog" that you see surrounding dry ice. For this reason, our dry ice can be used for decorations or special effects as well as for cooling purposes.

Conaway Ice Co sells dry ice in two sizes:

*Prices are for pick-up only. Please call or email for delivered prices
  • 5 lb. Minimum at $1.70 per lb.
  • 10 lb. or More at $1.30 per lb.
*Dry ice is extremely cold. Always handle with care and never touch with bare skin!